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Roofing Systems & Services – San Diego and Beyond

Our Roofing Systems & Services in San Diego

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At JCIS Roofing Inc. we strive to give you results you seek while using the best materials from the best suppliers in the country under GAF Materials Corporation.


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Roofing Systems

Learn more about the roofing systems and services in San Diego that we provide below! From shingles, tiles, metal, flat roofs, repairs, torch, and much more. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our owner Juan Cisneros


Composite shingles repairs and installations are one of the most requested as well as the most economically affordable. Asphalt shingles are the most requested and make sure to use Timberline HD® reflector series™ Shingles rated by the cool roof rating council (CRRC) for use in title 24 projects.

These composite shingles are also known as asphalt shingles composed of either organic or fiberglass materials. With organic shingles, the material is made up of organic felts consisting of recycled paper and infused with asphalt to be made waterproof. This kind of material has a longer history in the roofing industry, but fiberglass shingles are also waterproof and are becoming highly used in homes as well.


We install different kinds of tiles consisting of Boral, Eagle, and more. JCIS Roofing performs repairs and makes sure the style and color is up to your standards. Here we also install and repair both concrete and clay tiles, with concrete tiles being more cost effective. Not only do tiles provide a great aesthetic, concrete and clay tiles can also last a lifetime with the right maintenance and the right team to install or repair. At JCIS Roofing, Inc. we’ll make sure both are present and provided.


STANDING SEAM & Corrugated Metal

Metal roofing allows for a good, durable design to hold up against various elements. We perform Standing Seam and Corrugated Metal installations and repairs, standing seam being the most common in the roofing industry. Standing Seam are metal sheet panels with vertical seams and are connected with overlapping of the sheets. They are more sleek and are strong to uphold against various conditions. As for Corrugated Metal, it is more cost effective and differ with standing seam in its repeated corrugated pattern. The repeating waves in this sheet allow for the panel to have good strength and durability.


TPO Roofing, PVC, Built-Up, Low-E Therma Sheet